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Digital Vault Consulting was established in March 2010. We Secured our store front location and office as of June 1, 2010. With the merger of Voltsvault and Digital Net, Digital Vault Consulting was born.

Digital Vault Consulting seeks to provide quality monitoring services, which monitor every aspect of your IT infrastructure. Servers, Desktops, Networking equipment, etc. are monitored 24/7 by management software which will alert us of potential problems and allow us to act proactively, versus reactively, resulting in increased uptime for your business, increasing your business' own bottom line. Managed Services are provided at a fraction of the cost of dedicated in-house IT support employees. Digital Vault Consulting seeks to provide a set monthly fee
to ease the burden of budgeting support costs for unforeseeable issues. Additional offerings include the ability to include monthly maintenance, which will ensure your Servers and Workstations are updated and optimized to ensure operation at peak proficiency.

Once an agreement is set, Digital Vault Consulting will work with your business to provide solutions to current issues as well as solutions to move your business forward in the ever-changing IT world.

Managed Services is the future of IT support. Don't be left behind as your competitors move forward!

"Building Hawaii's Highest Performance Systems for Home or Business, with over 45 years of experience."

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